Fantasy Mermaid Art

Fantasy mermaid art is an oxymoron since mermaid art is necessarily fantasy art. When I first made these pictures I did not want to get too crazy. I didn't want to have mermaids floating about in space suits.

I decided to go in another direction. One of my favorite TV shows is "America's Next Top Model". I know what you are going to say "Of course, he's a man and he enjoys looking at beautiful, young models". Well, that is true but there's more.

Something about the show fascinates me. I think because the show takes the girls from real to fantasy. As the show progresses they learn to look and behave like models. They become a fantasy of beauty.

It was this type of fantasy I wanted.


This picture is very elegant. The background reminds me of the d├ęcor of a fashionable and very expensive restaurant. The girl appears however more flirtatious than hungry.
fantasy mermaid art 2

The first image here uses a combination of blue and purple tones. A light pink in the background brings out the girl's complexion. My idea here was an arty mermaid fashion shoot.
fantasy art mermaid 1

This last image stresses the fantasy part of fantasy mermaid art. The girl is more lively and fun-loving here. I used the same gold texture map for her tail, top and hair. It was primarily the hair that interested me at the time. I probably could have done more with the picture as a whole than I did. fantasy mermaid art 3


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