Fantasy Art Mermaid Style

In fantasy art mermaid means any young girl in or near the water. Or perhaps any girl who just looks like she could be a mermaid even if she is on dry land. She doesn't have to have a tail, fins or scales though I suppose she should be young and attractive! I like to at least imply a fantasy element as in the last picture on this page where the girl has blue or green hair. Other than that she appears, as far as we can see, quite normal…

…And some girls do dye their hair blue.


fantasy art mermaid 1

There is not much difference between these first two images. This is because I tried things two different ways and they both seemed to work so well I could not decide which was better.

fantasy art mermaid 2

The girl and pose are the same but the clothing and background are different. It's interesting what other minor changes were caused by these major ones. For example, the face of the girl in the second image is lighter. In fact, all of her skin appears more fair.

fantasy art mermaid 3

Now in the third we have something different altogether. Perhaps because of the simple background the whole picture looks more like a painting than a photo…

The usual objective in making fantasy art is to make it appear very realistic, as if it were a photo. Notice the flower in her hair. That flower actually is taken from a photograph. As you can see it looks as if it were painted.

I like this particular style and would like to make more pictures like this one.


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