Drawings of Mermaids

Here are some drawings of mermaids I did on my computer.

The computer is an excellent addition to the artist's toolset. It can duplicate pencil, pen or brush and achieve affects that are impossible or extremely difficult for traditional media.

Each picture here was done to experiment with something different. The first with the long, crazy hair was to experiment with long, crazy hair. I went a little overboard but I did get plenty of practice with hair. drawing of mermaid 1
In the second of the three drawings of mermaids I applied what I learned about hair in the first and things came out much better. The hair is still the center of interest but it doesn't dominate like in the first. drawings of mermaids
The last picture uses a unique pose. I am only speaking for myself here but there is something mystical about it for me. The dark shadow on the side of the body and the way the tail fans out suggest the figure is being struck by an intense light of revelation. drawings of mermaids 2

More drawings of mermaids.

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