Mermaid Drawings

These mermaid drawings mostly use traditional media, however some are computer generated. Click thumbnail to enlarge.

Jack Henslee

Monte Moore

Monte Moore

Monte Moore

Monte Moore

Monte Moore

I love drawings - they are the purest form of art. There are no colors or tricky media to distract the eye just black on white.

I have found some excellent books of mermaid drawings done in the pin-up style. If you have not seen these before you are in for a treat. The pictures are done by professional artists who specialize in fantasy and pin-up art. You can see the covers of the books below. The covers are painted but all of the interior illustrations are pencil or charcoal on paper.

Gallery Girls Mermaids 1 Gallery Girls Mermaids 2 Gallery Girls Mermaids 3

If you go looking for these books on Amazon, Half or whatever your favorite bookstore is, the phrase to search on is "gallery girls mermaids". These books have been quite popular so you can usually buy them used. However, if you do buy used be careful about the condition since these books are available only in soft cover.

If you would like to try your hand at drawing mermaids, let me recommend this book:

Disney How to Draw the Little Mermaid

It is designed for kids, but the fundamentals of drawing are the same for everyone. The book uses the simple do-what-I-do approach that was popularized by Lee Ames. Basically, you start with simple shapes and build the image up from there. With patience and practice you can produce some pretty good mermaid drawings of your own.

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