Digital Fantasy Art

I have been interested in digital fantasy art for about 10 years now.

I bought my first computer in 1996 and immediately purchased Photoshop and Illustrator to go with it. Later I added other digital art software as I found it: Bryce, Ultrafractal and finally Poser.

I bought Poser when it first came out. You couldn't do much with it in those days. It wasn't until it was taken over by Metacreations that it really began to fly.

Poser, Bryce and Photoshop are a good combination for making digital fantasy art.

One thing that has influenced me a lot lately is a quotation I read from one of the old Hollywood glamor photographers. He said that when you are using color film you are actually photographing a model's clothes. Since then I have begun to concentrate more on the model's outfit (or tail in this case) and it's colors and textures.


The first picture here started as a real experiment. I had been doing different things with backgrounds and I wanted to combine various effects to see what would happen. The result, as you can see, is rather striking. The gently curving surface reminds me of the inside of the Discovery spaceship in 2001, A Space Odyssey. As you can see I chose a pallette of warm colors.

digital fantasy mermaid

This second piece, like the one above, is one of my personal favorites. Basically the same as the other it has a different orientation and color scheme. It contrasts nicely with the first as that one is warm and this one cool. Notice the texture on her blouse. digital fantasy artwork

mermaid digital fantasy This last one uses a color scheme chosen by my daughter. Her favorite color is yellow. The pose is not the greatest but I feel I did a nice job on the background. I wanted to suggest a place of rich elegance nicely complimenting the beautiful being floating at its center.

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