3D Mermaid

Three different pictures of the same 3D mermaid. My idea here was to explore what could be done with the same model in different poses and settings. The model, her textures, clothes and hair are the same.

I started with the pose and let that lead me wherever it wanted to.

In this picture, the compact pose suggested a circular background. The object behind her is like a target and helps to draw the eye into the picture. I chose a blue background so it would appear to recede, thus bringing some depth to the picture.
3d mermaid art 1

The second one here carries the bulls-eye theme one step further adding a set of cross-hairs. Again the background is basically round, enveloping the central figure. 3d mermaid art 2

3d mermaid art 3 Her angry expression and intense look focus the eye on her face immediately. I like the way her tail comes up behind her like a fan. It really adds a nice touch to this 3D mermaid image.

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