Sexy Silhouette

It has come to my attention that some people want to see another sexy silhouette page. Like before, most are mermaids, but some have legs - so they will have to buy shoes. sexy silhouette 1
sexy silhouette 2 sexy silhouette 5
Silhouettes like these can be used in craft projects such as counted cross-stitch, or sown on a flag. They can be turned into stamps or templates and used as part of a design on a wall or a piece of furniture. sexy silhouette 3
sexy silhouette 6 You can cut wooden panels or thin metal into these shapes for use as a decoration or wall-hanging. They can be used on greeting cards or even business cards - any place where a science fiction, fantasy or pin-up theme is needed.
One of the great things about being a mermaid is that you don't have to worry about buying shoes and other clothing needs are minimal. sexy silhouette 7
sexy silhouette 8Everyone has my permission to use any of these silhouettes for whatever purposes they like. No link back to this site is required but would be appreciated.

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