Scottish Mythology:
The Unhappy Mermaid

From Scottish mythology we have the story of an unhappy mermaid captured by a fisherman many years ago.

One day a mermaid fell in love with a man from Sutherland. He was a big, healthy fellow and a great favorite with the local girls. The man came to hear of the mermaid's passion for him and desired her for his wife. Before doing that he took certain precautions so she couldn't carry him off into the sea. As everyone knows, a mermaid can't swim if she loses he magic belt and pouch, so the man decided to steal them from her. Landlocked she agreed to become his wife but there were unforeseen problems.

The people of Sutherland made fun of her tail and their dogs constantly bothered her. Her hair was always a mess since she didn't have the comb and mirror all mermaids keep in their pouches.

One day, when her husband was out, she found the pouch and belt hidden in a pile of corn. Immediately, she returned to the sea and disappeared for good.

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