Metis, one of the sea nymphs in mythology, was an oceanid (daughter of Oceanus and Tethys). Said to be the wisest of the gods she was associated with Wednesday, like Mercury. Metis was one of the older gods, called the Titans, who ruled Olympus before Zeus and his children.

Cronus, the leader of the older gods, ate his own children. This was because of a prophecy that one of his offspring would kill and dethrone him. His wife, Rhea, grew angry with this and once fooled him by substituting a rock for the newest baby. This baby was Zeus, who was raised in secret by Mother Earth. When he had matured, Metis gave him a potion he was to feed to Cronus. When Cronus drank the potion he became nauseous and vomited up Zeus' older brothers and sisters, and the stone. Zeus then killed Cronus with a thunderbolt.

Later, Zeus fell in love with Metis, who rejected his advances. Like all sea nymphs in mythology she had the power to change form and used it to hide from him. In the end, however, he found her and got her pregnant.

Now Mother Earth made a new prophecy. She said that Metis' first child would be a girl who would equal her father in wisdom and strength. Her next child would be a boy who would depose Zeus. Unwilling to give up the leadership of the gods, Zeus ate Metis! Zeus said that Metis did not die but lived in his stomach advising him with her wisdom.

Some time later, Zeus developed a terrible headache. He cried and screamed till it echoed from the heavens. Hermes, realizing what was happening, split his head open and Athena leaped forth with a shout. She was full grown and armed as a warrior.

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