Minthe or Menthe was a naiad (fresh water nymphs in Greek mythology) who attracted the roving eye of the Pluto. Pluto was the god of the underworld but apparently was taking a vacation from Hades that day. In any case, he saw Minthe and immediately fell in lust with her. Persephone, Pluto's wife, discovered the affair and jealousy bloomed. She attacked Minthe kicking her and stepping on her, and finally turning her into a plant. Pluto, unable to break Persephone's spell, gave to the plant a wonderful smell that becomes stronger when stepped on.

Notes: The plant Minthe was transformed into is today called mint or peppermint. In ancient times it was part of a drink used in religious rituals. Ovid says that Minthe was changed into the mint plant by Venus to save her from Persephone's fury. The other form of Minthe's name, Menthe, is the origin of our word menthol.

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