A mermaid weathervane is probably the rarest of all weathervanes. I usually associate weathervanes with barns and farms, not the sea.

Mermaid statues are more common but here I have some from unusual places. There's a real beauty from Mazatlan, Mexico, a sad-looking one from Lithuania, a Vegas hotel and a theme park in Singapore.

The mermaid was used in medieval church architecture to symbolize temptation and lust. A mermaid shown with a comb and mirror symbolizes vanity. Merfolk generally symbolize eloquence of speech.

The most famous mermaid statue is the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen harbor, a memorial to Hans Christian Andersen.

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Benny Shlevish

Fire Horse Leo





Grenada Grace

This is one piece from the Underwater Sculpture Gallery in Grenada. It is a project by Jason Taylor and the Grenadian Ministry of Tourism and Culture. Collectively, the gallery celebrates Caribbean culture and the environment. For more information see the Underwater Sculpture Gallery.

Ova mermaid statue

This is Ova, according to her creator she is made of fabric, acrylic paint, faux foliage, metal, garnets, and acceptance. Ayo Walker, the artist, specializes in African mermaids and goddess figures. I wrote a blog about her and her work some time ago and she was nice enough to send me a note. I admire her work and the pleasure was all mine. Her pieces are really good as I hope you can see from this one example. To see more click on the link for her website Universal Spirits.

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