The Mermaid Saga Anime: Mermaid Forest

This Mermaid Saga anime is called "Mermaid Forest". This is actually a horror story, which is very unusual for a mermaid story. Apparently, in Japan, they believe that if you eat the flesh of a mermaid you will become immortal. There are, though, one or two caveats to keep in mind. First, the transformation is horribly painful. Second, you may retain your normal human appearance, forever, or you may become a monster, again forever. There also seems to be a psychological problem in that immortality, once granted, is not in the long run desirable.

This anime comes from a manga series by Rumiko Takahashi, one of the most successful comics writers in Japan. She usually writes romantic comedy but on occasion tries her hand at something different. If you are not familiar with anime or Japanese comics then I have to warn you that they are by western standards violent and sexy. The Mermaid Saga anime "Mermaid Forest", being a horror story, is certainly no exception. It is also psychologically disturbing. It is a little known fact that the Japanese are very good at the horror story. The movie "The Ring" is based on a Japanese book and movie, and you may find some parallels between "The Ring" and "Mermaid Forest". For example, note how family relationships are changed for the worse by the introduction of supernatural elements.

Mermaid Forest is the continuing story of Yuta and Mana. Yuta was a fisherman who ate mermaid flesh 500 years ago, Mana a young girl who became immortal more recently. Together they roam the Japanese countryside like Scully and Mulder looking for a mermaid to make them mortal again. In the process, they meet others who are seeking immortality, or who have been cursed by it.

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