Mermaid Download

This mermaid download is a collection of 10 of my original images. Smaller versions of these images are on this website, measuring only about 300 x 400. The images here are in the original sizes, which are given below each picture. Minimum size is 800 X 800, max is 1024 X 768 which is perfect for desktop wallpaper.

The larger versions can be seen in my original art pages. Look in the first section at the top of the mermaid art galleries page for a clickable list of the pages.

Each thumbnail shows the entire image.

I am selling them for the price of just $2 for all ten.

beautiful mermaid 1
1024 X 768
beautiful mermaid 8
800 X 631
beautiful mermaid 3
1280 X 960
beautiful mermaid 4
1000 X 550
beautiful mermaid 6
1024 X 768
beautiful mermaid 9
1024 X 768
beautiful mermaid 2
720 X 900
beautiful mermaid 5
722 X 1000
beautiful mermaid 7
802 X 1000
beautiful mermaid 10
800 X 800

Usually, a product like this will come with a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo. Most people I suspect don't even read it. All I will do is ask for your promise to not sell them or give them away.

Billing is handled through PayPal. You can use your PayPal account or any major credit card. To use a credit card click the link that says "Don't have a PayPal account? Sign up now." Download link will be granted immediately after sale is processed.

NOTE: you will need Winzip or some other utility to unpack the files.

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