Little Mermaid Subliminal Messages

There have been rumors about Disney's The Little Mermaid subliminal messages for years. A subliminal message is a word or image hidden in a still picture or movie. Supposedly, this hidden message would affect the minds of viewers without them being aware of it. I have researched this and I have found out that there are basically two rumors, one false the other sort of true.

One story is that during the wedding scene of Prince Eric and Ursula (Ursula is disguised), the minister has an erection. Some people claim to have watched the movie closely and that the erection is undeniable. There was even a lawsuit over it. The truth is that the minister does not have an erection. The offending "member" is really his knee, which can be clearly seen from the front view. This is just another sad example of people finding something offensive when no offense was intended. Usually, this tells you more about the offended people than the supposed offender.

The second Little Mermaid subliminal message is a penis in the architecture of the castle on the cover of the VHS box. This turns out to be true - though you would need eyes like microscopes to see it. If you look closely at one of the columns in the center you will see that it bares a striking resemblance to a penis. When the artist responsible for the cover art heard about this he was apparently surprised and embarrassed. He says that it was the result of being rushed and over-worked. Also, columns are somewhat phallic anyway. Disney removed the castle from subsequent releases of the tape and DVD.

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