The Cartoon Mermaid

I was looking at some cartoon mermaid images on the internet the other day and decided to try to create some myself. Unfortunately, drawing is not my strong point so I fired up my 3D software and played around for a while.

The first thing I did was take one of my mermaid models and flatten her out. This eliminated shadows and highlights. Then I created a flat texture for her without any shading or details on it. There were some problems with the eyebrows and eyelashes at first but I soon came up with something that looked pretty good. Then I brought the image into Photoshop and brought out the nose and lips a bit better and put an outline around her. Here is my first cartoon mermaid.

cartoon mermaid 1

While I was playing around I noticed that if I made the model less flat it caught a little of the shadows and highlights and looked like a carefully executed drawing. Executed in Photoshop that is! Some cartoons like Little Bill and the recent Mickey Mouse ones have the same computer-generated look to them. Here is the second cartoon mermaid.

cartoon mermaid 2

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