Black Jack Biohazard

"Black Jack Biohazard" is an episode of a series called "Black Jack". Black Jack is an unlicenced physician with a dark past and a terrible scar on his face. Actually, he looks a little like Two-Face from Batman. He will take on any case no matter how difficult or unusual - for enough money. In this episode the peope of the small town of Mikazuki are sick from years of exposure to industrial pollution that causes a slow, agonizing death. Finally, the Japanese version of the EPA steps in and orders the pollution stopped and restitution paid. Black Jack is among a team of doctors brought in to help cure the townspeople of “Mikazuki Syndrome”. Once there Black Jack encounters a woman named Tsukiko who has been paralyzed by Mikazuki Syndrome. She has also lost her memory and doesn't recall her true name or where she was born. She just knows that she likes to fish and remembers a story about a mermaid. In attempting to help her Black Jack begins to suspect that she is not sick but is undergoing a transformation into a mermaid.

Black Jack not only operates on Tsukiko, and solves the mystery of her past, he also helps her obtain additional medical care from the government and the company responsible for the pollution. Very generous for a guy supposedly motivated only by money.

The original manga was written by Osamu Tezuka, the great master of Japanese comics. Some of his other works include "Kimba the White Lion" (which was the basis for The Lion King) and "Astro Boy". Tezuka not only revolutionized comics in Japan but made them acceptable to a wide audience that still includes adults. One of the recent presidents of Japan spoke of how he enjoyed reading comics with his wife.

"Black Jack Biohazard" was directed by Osamu Dezaki who was a protege of Osama Tezuka. He provides a commentary on the DVD release where he talks about his life, his films and Tezuka.

WARNING: this video has violence, gore, nudity and adult situations.

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