Are Mermaids Real?

Since I run a mermaid site people consider me an expert and have asked: are mermaids real?

The truth is that such creatures never really existed. Not under the sea, or in the sky, or in ancient history or prehistory. They are figments of the imagination and symbols.

As symbols they are powerful and have endured for many years. Their popularity is actually quite high now. The mermaid figure often appears in our pop culture. "The Little Mermaid", "Splash" and other movies. There are reports of mermaid sightings as recently as 2004. The mermaid has entered us and is a part of us.

Today, the mermaid has also become a personal symbol for many women. She embodies female strength and confidence. Some women find her a companion and guide throughout life.

For the rest of us, mermaids are like Santa Claus: they live in the hearts of mermaid lovers. They are the other voice you hear in the wind at sea. They are the caress of the waves, the touch of the sun. They are that oceanic feeling that all is one. Not just all things but times, places and people, too. When you realize you are mortal but are also a piece of immortality, then you are in the land of the mermaids.

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